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Experience the rugged beauty and wilderness of Dartmoor and the windswept heaths and imposing coastline of Exmoor as you cycle from Plymouth to the Bristol Channel before continuing over the Brendon and Quantock Hills to Taunton.

This is a fantastic cycle ride across moor, through ancient woodland and river valleys and along quiet country lanes. The long climbs will test your fitness, stamina and off-road cycling skills but you will be rewarded with some breathtaking views.

The trail is similar to the route proposed by Tim Woodcock but with improvements to reflect the changing trail conditions that have occurred over time. Importantly, with our support you avoid cycling the 45 mile road section between the two moors.

  • 96 miles / 155 kms
  • 13,080 feet / 3987 metres
  • 2-3 days
  • Plymouth - Taunton
  • Group Support Available

Our Services

Luggage Transfers

Your bags and cycle gear are moved between hotels, inns and B&Bs leaving you to enjoy each day without a heavy pack or cycle panniers.

Prices depend on the distance you intend to cycle each day and the number of bags transported. There are large discounts for group bookings.

Group Transport

With our minibuses and trailers we can transport your group, luggage and bikes from your home or airport to the start and back to your parked cars, home or airport at the end.

Please note that if you require transport only then you need private vehicle hire (a taxi service), which we are unable to provide unfortunately.

Trail Support

For large groups we can provide full trail support where a driver, minibus and bike trailer follow the group each day providing assistance when needed.

The driver is first aid trained and is able to help with mechanical repairs to your bikes. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided and your personal gear is stored in the vehicle.

Cycle Rescue

We provide an emergency roadside repair and recovery service. We can also transport you and your bikes to your hotel if weather conditions prevent you completing the ride.

The cost of the service depends on the distances and time involved. Should you run into difficulties please call our 24 hour support line for assistance.

Tell us about the trip you are planning and the services that you would like us to provide. We will then confirm availability and provide prices. Bicycle hire is available to groups booking other services, trail support or transport for example.

Please could you provide as much information as you can so that we can check availability of vehicles and trailers and provide an accurate price for your trip. Please include the transfers you would like us to provide, collection from an airport for example, and if hiring bicycles the heights of riders.


For groups cycling in two days finishing in Plymouth gives the opportunity to enjoy an evening in the Barbican at Plymouth. We find that the transfer between Dartmoor and Exmoor is best done at the end of day one rather than in the morning of day two. As the transfer takes two hours you need to finish cycling by 5.00 pm on day one so that you have enough time for a shower and dinner.


We provide transport between Dartmoor and Exmoor so that you can skip the large road section between the two National Parks. Regular, fit and confident off-road cyclists can ride the trail over two days. On a three day ride the third day from Monksilver to Taunton is 20 miles (and two hills) of easy riding. Finishing at midday gives time for the journey home in the afternoon.

Dartmoor, South Devon, England

Two Days, Taunton to Plymouth

Cycling the trail in two days is tough and requires good weather and trail conditions and a strong group. The first 8 miles / 13 kms from Taunton are along quiet country lanes as you climb to the top of the ridge. This can be avoided by us transferring you to the end of the road.

Day 1 - Cycle from Taunton to Tarr Steps - 48 miles / 77 kms
Transfer from Tarr Steps at the bottom of Exmoor to Chagford at the top of Dartmoor
Day 2 - Cycle from Chagford to Plymouth - 41 miles / 66 kms

Dartmoor, South Devon, England

Two Days, Plymouth to Taunton

Dartmoor can be difficult when the ground is wet. The second day across Exmoor is the longest although this can be shortened by 8 miles by finishing at West Bagborough. Plan to be on the bike for 9-12 hours each day.

Day 1 - Plymouth to Chagford - 41 miles / 66 kms
Transfer from Chagford at the top of Dartmoor to Tarr Steps at the bottom of Exmoor
Day 2 - Tarr Steps to Taunton - 48 miles / 77 kms

Dartmoor, South Devon, England

Three Days, Plymouth to Taunton

A three day trip gives more time to ride across Exmoor, the Brendon Hills and Quantock Hills. Day one is the longest but the first 10 miles are easy riding along the Plym Valley cycle trail.

Day 1 - Plymouth to Chagford - 41 miles / 66 kms
Transfer from Chagford at the top of Dartmoor to Tarr Steps at the bottom of Exmoor
Day 2 - Tarr Steps to Monksilver - 30 miles / 48 kms
Day 3 - Monksilver to Taunton - 20 miles / 32 kms

For groups travelling to Devon it can be convenient to drive to Taunton and park your car. If you are starting in Plymouth we will then transfer you, your bikes and luggage in our minibus to your hotel in Plymouth. There is a long stay car park at Taunton train station. As the trip ends in Taunton you will cycle back to your parked cars. If you plan to start cycling in Taunton and finish in Plymouth then we can provide transport at the end of your trip from Plymouth back to your parked cars in Taunton.

Hotels & Inns

We have listed some of the better hotels and inns with links to TripAdvisor where you can read customer reviews and check prices and availability.

When booking accommodation ask if there is secure storage for your bikes and the time breakfast is served in the morning. All should be able to provide packed lunches. For those starting late or cycling long distances, check when evening meals end. If you plan to arrive mid afternoon check that the country inns are open as many close between 3 and 6 pm.

Plymouth has a good range of hotels to choose from for all budgets. The Holiday Inn on the Hoe is the closest to the start but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Chagford at the top of Dartmoor is a beautiful village with several hotels and inns. Tarr Farm is in a wonderful setting beside the River Barle. If there are no rooms available then the Royal Oak at nearby Withypool is also a good choice. The Notley Arms in Monksilver is a lovely country inn. There are other more expensive choices nearby in Dunster village. Taunton town centre has little to offer tourists.