Boarshead to Bewl Bridge Reservoir

Towers at Danegate © Oast House Archive
Lightlands © Rog Frost
Bewl Reservoir © Steve Parker

An exceptionally attractive section through superb and surprisingly remote High Wealden countryside. Paths largely unobstructed but route finding requires some care in places.

This is a trail in the Sussex Border Path collection of trails. Together they describe the full length of this long distance footpath.

Cross A26 using ramped paths provided, pass between metal posts, go forward along old road for 10 yards, then turn left along access drive to Rocks Farm. After 1/4 mile, just short of farm buildings, follow signed path left and right, skirting to left of farm, then turn left along right field edge. In corner, bear right through gap and follow left field edge with good views towards Bowles Outdoor Centre climbing rocks and dry ski slope. Join lane at GR 547329.

Turn right and, after 10 yards, go left through a gate and drop downhill along right edge of two fields with wood on right. At bottom of hill cross stream and bear half right between young planted trees to pass under railway (Note: new legal route currently differs from SBP as shown on OS maps). Go ahead across meadow to join and follow right field edge up and round to left. Where ground levels out, turn right through gap and cross rough pasture to join drive over stile at Stitches Farm. Keep straight on between barn and farm buildings. Immediately past buildings, bear left and, after a few yards, turn right to climb. Enter hollow to pass through gate and continue to climb along left field edge. Where hedge on left veers right and peters out, go ahead without change of direction across field to join and follow right field edge with line of trees on right. Where trees end, go ahead across cultivated field. In far left corner, enter path between fence and hedge. Where enclosed path ends bear right through gap and follow left field out to road next to house called 'Stonewall' (GR 561335).

Turn right and, at road junction, fork left along Danegate. After another 1/4 mile, turn left along wide fenced grass strip. After another 400 yards, at waypost, turn right along woodland path. Now follow waypost signs with care. At second waypost, turn right, close to right wood edge at first. Shortly keep straight ahead, ignoring right fork Descend, go through gate in deer fence and over sleeper bridge, then on through wood with deer fence in occasional view, away to right. At T-junction of paths, turn left, cross unbridged but fordable stream, emerge on to parkland and turn right. Path now follows undulating right edge of park, with deer fence on right at first. Towards top of slope, diverge slightly left from fence across open ground. Go through swing gate and forward on short winding path through scrub to join A267 (GR 583336).

Turn right and, after a few yards, go left along drive to Pococks Gate Farm. At farm, go left along concrete track to double gate. Veer half right across yard to farm gate, forward across field to go through similar gate, then follow left edge of three fields. Towards end of third field, veer half right to go through gap and follow left edge of next field, curving left to find stile hidden in corner. Follow left edge of next field to gate in corner and in same direction across field beyond, heading for farm buildings. Join drive through bridle gate and turn right, after a few yards entering narrow hedged path which starts to right of stone pillared gateway. Out into field, go ahead diverging slightly from hedge on left to go through gateway about 30 yards to right of field corner. Descend with hedge on left to gate and footbridge. Go up stone steps, through gate and up across field, heading for farm buildings at 'Earlye Farm'. Go through metal field gate to right of steep-roofed barn, and follow track to right of tile-hung farmhouse. After passing to left of converted oast, bear right to gate then down along left field edge and on through wood to join road at GR 601327.

Bear right along road. After 150 yards, turn left over stile, along fenced path to second stile, then left over footbridge and up steps through wood to swing gate. Follow right field edge to second swing gate. Without change of direction, keep to left edge of two more fields and then follow wide fenced track out to lane. Turn left. After 100 yards, go right over stile and descend along right field edge. At bottom of field go through swing gate and follow woodland path over stream. Emerge and follow left field edge with wood on left. Cross sleeper bridge and continue with fence on right to gate and then along tree-lined path to footbridge. Trodden path now rises along meandering right field edge. Join access drive and turn left to follow it out to road at GR 623324. Continue along Tapsell's Lane, opposite. After 150 yards, fork left through gate and along access track. After 80 yards, slide into path to left of track which descends through woodland, crosses open ground.Cross railway and climb to join B2099 at GR 624328.

Cross road and follow concrete access opposite which skirts to left of houses. Just before cottages, turn sharp left along track. Pass weather boarded house on right, cross drive and go through bridle gate ahead. Feed into access drive from Rockrobin Cottages, follow it out to lane and turn right. Shortly fork left across wide plank bridge and follow fenced path for 1/4 mile to lane. Turn left and after another 1/4 mile, turn sharply right along drive to Great Shoesmiths Farm. Just short of gate into farm area, fork right with post and rail fence on right. After 20 yards go right over stile, skirt to right of pond and cross meadow to gate and culvert. Veer slightly left across next field, go through gateway gap in hedge and veer slightly left across field beyond. Keep, to left of two more fields, then follow path between fence and hedge, curving right to join access drive from house called 'Trewick.' Turn left to follow drive out to road at Wood's Green (GR 639335).

Turn left and, after a few yards, at T-junction, right. Just beyond a converted barn on left, turn left along drive to gate and head uphill along track. At top of rise, go through swing gate and bear slightly right to stile beside field gate. Follow right hand edge of next field and on within wide grass strip between planted trees to join B2100. Turn left into Cousley Wood. Just past Old Vine pub, turn right along access drive. Where drive bends left, go ahead along hedged path. Where path opens out, veer slightly left along unfenced grass strip between fields with Bewl Water now in view. On other side of field, go ahead through gap, downhill along right field edge and through scrub to cross stile in reservoir perimeter fence. Turn left and shortly (GR 655325), join and go ahead along Bewl Water perimeter path.

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