Footbridge in The Birches © Colin Smith
Cudworth Manor House © Ron Strutt
Lowfield Heath Windmill © Colin Smith

This super walk starts in the old Wealden iron village of Charlwood. Soon it heads off through pretty Glover's Wood, where primroses line the banks of small brooks that carve their way deeply between the trees. These remnants of the ancient forest are thankfully preserved by The Woodland Trust, who encourage you to explore their beauty. The way then passes across scenic meadows offering far-reaching and magnificent views before making for the quiet hamlet of Cudworth.

1. With The Rising Sun pub at your back, turn right and walk alongside the road and after 50 yards bear left along a narrow one-way street. Pass the Half Moon pub and keep ahead on a path through the graveyard of St Nicholas's church. Exit the graveyard and continue on the path to soon reach a road junction. Go ahead along Glovers Road and when it ends at a gateway keep ahead on a signposted path and pass between buildings.

2. Continue ahead on a fenced path between fields and enter Glover's Wood. Keep to the signposted path and ignore nature trails to left and right.

3. As you exit woodland, cross a stile ahead and follow a signposted footpath between fields to meet a road. Here turn right along the road for 10 yards and then left on a fenced footpath beside a house. Cross a stile and press on ahead over a large field. With a small stream running along the bottom of a gully on your left, look out for a farm track that soon crosses it. Here go left to enter a second field and then turn immediately right and follow the field edge with the gully now to your right. At the corner of the field bear right and then follow the gully left to meet a substantial wooden bridge, which you should cross to meet a stile at a field edge.

4. Cross the stile and bear left along a field edge to meet another stile. Cross this and pass through more woodland and another two wooden bridges to meet a field. Go ahead across the centre of this and a second field to reach the buildings of Home Farm. At the farm drive, turn immediately right and after 8 yards, go through a metal gate. Pass by low farm buildings and continue through a second metal gate. Press on along the well-defined bridleway and cross a stile 8 yards to the right of a third metal gate. Now go diagonally right over a field to meet and cross a wooden bridge between two fishing lakes.

5. Maintain direction along a farm track and keep to it until it reaches a T-junction with another. Ignore a footpath ahead of you and turn right along a farm track; you soon pass through a gate and between farm buildings. Follow this pleasant track until it meets a small road junction. Here turn right along a country lane.

6. When you reach the interesting moated manor house at Cudworth, look out for its unusual roofed bridge that incorporates a built-in dovecote. Press on along the lane and ignore a right turn beside the old tithe barn. At a road junction, cross the stile ahead of you and bear diagonally right over a field to meet and cross a stile in the far right-hand corner. Keep ahead now along a right-hand field edge. Cross another stile and soon a stream in woodland. Turn right over a further stile to meet a well-worn path.

7. Ignore the path ahead of you and turn left along the well-trodden path. After passing farm buildings look out for a stile on your right. Cross this and aim for the centre of two houses, where you cross a hidden stile. Go left for 30 yards then turn right along a field edge beside a house. Skirt a garden and continue along the field edge, ignoring a stile soon on your right. Press on down a gentle slope to re-join Glover's Wood.

8. Here follow a well-defined path leftwards that follows the woodland edge. When a stile by a field edge is met, go right alongside the field and soon ignore a farm track on your right. At the end of the field cross a stile and pass through a strip of woodland to meet and cross another stile. Now go ahead on the dip slope of the field to meet and cross a stile in the far corner. Press on to soon re-join Glover's Road, where you turn left and retrace your steps back to the Rising Sun.


The trail starts at The Rising Sun car park. Please obtain permission to leave your car or park around the village. Charlwood is 3 miles west of the A217 at Horley. The pub is in the main street near the green.

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