Fishing pond near Crawfold Farm © Dave Spicer
Parsonage Farm near Kirdford © Dave Spicer
Cottage at Kirdford © Nick MacNeill

This walk starts and ends at the Half Moon Public House in Kirdford. I always like a walk that begins and ends at a pub, particularly if you get the timing right. This one takes you in roughly a circle out to the west of the village. It is just short of 3.5 miles and so is lovely for a dog walk or for dragging the kids round as it should not take much more than an hour. Forget however taking pushchairs or elderly aunts as there are numerous styles.

All the paths are clearly marked with footpaths signs except * so just follow the direction of the sign if you are unsure where you should be heading.

Walk down the right hand side of the pub, through it?s garden at the back and in to the small residential road behind. Almost immediately take the left hand path between two houses, which brings you out over a style and in to a field.

Head half right and on reaching the far side of the field, turn right running you along the unkempt hedge on your left. After 100yds or so, go through the hole in this hedge to your left and along the barbed wired fence emerging in to another field by passing (not climbing over) a style.

Leave this field almost immediately and go in to the wood ahead of you, again by "going past" a style. Exit the wood (into the field) over another style and go through the hole in the hedge to your right. Then turn left. The hedge is now on your left with Parsonage Farm (TQ008269) over to you right.

Stay ahead, crossing the open field to two styles over a track and ahead over the second field. Upon reaching the copse, walk left up the side of the field to the top,(ignoring the more obvious gateway ahead of you *).

Over the style at the top, turn right and head downhill in the direction of the farm buildings. Cross the River Kird over a sturdy wooden footbridge and head up towards Crawfold Farm (TQ001261). Enter a pony paddock through a kissing gate with the farmhouse and metal barns on your right and head diagonally right towards the small house. Exiting the paddock through another kissing gate, turn immediately left.

Continue along this wide, open pathway slightly downhill and then slightly up. Entering woodland, keep left on the (now) track and 50 yds up a slight incline turn left in to a field. Stay ahead to walk alongside the hedge. Before entering the next field, turn right and head down the track.

Just before the large house (TQ012259), cross the new style (by a metal gate) on your left and head diagonally left over the field in the direction of the church. Go through a small gate and continue ahead through this field (still heading towards the church) over two more styles, eventually passing a smallholding (chickens etc!) on your left.

You are now forced to turn right. Keeping to the left of the short hedge you see ahead (to avoid having to clamber over a metal gate) you emerge on to the road. Turn left and walk back in to the village with the pub soon on your left.

Tip: this walk has some spectacular views so pick a day when it is clear and bright to truly appreciate them.


The village of Kirdford can be approached from the south via the A272 between Petworth and Billingshurst. The nearest railway station is in Billingshurst.

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