Farnham Treasure Hunt

Farnham Church © Steve Strussler
Farnham Castle © Richard Lowther
The Maltings © Steve Strussler

This walk is a fun way to explore the streets and alleyways of Farnham. Discover the history of the area and visit some of the galleries, cafes, shops and pubs that the town has to offer.

On the borders of Surrey and Hampshire, Farnham is a pleasant market town in the Wey Valley. The bustling centre has some fine Geogian architecture and a parish church and castle dating back to the 12th century. Cafes, restaurants, galleries and small shops line the narrow streets. Nearby are the ruins of Waverley Abbey, Moor Park House and Mother Ludlam's Cave.

This walk is suitable for the whole family. The distance is 1.4 miles or 2.2 kms. It starts and ends in the town centre. The route takes you through the narrow streets and alleys of the town centre. There are plenty of tea shops, restaurants and pubs to stop for refreshments along the way.

There is a regular train service between Farnham and London Waterloo with connecting stations at Aldershot and Woking. Parking is available in several car parks in the town centre. Bus services connect Farnham with Guildford, Aldershot, Alton and Winchester.

The Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt begins in the centre of town, at the junction of The Borough and Castle Street.

1. At the corner of Castle Street is a plaque denoting the old 1556 Market House. What do you see on the rainwater down pipes that were the lifeblood of Farnham at that time?

Walk up Castle Street.

2. Half way up on the right is a row of almshouses built in 1619 for the relief of how many "poor, honest, old impotent persons"?

Cross Castle Street.

The first motoring offence in the country to attract a fine took place here in 1895.

3. At the entrance to Long Garden Walk off Castle street there is a fine 18th century house on the site of the 'corn rooms'. Who had the house built and what was his profession?

Walk along Long Garden Walk.

4. What kind of flower is the pub in Long Garden Walk?

At the end of Long Garden Walk pass through the archway into the Lion and Lamb Yard.

5. The wooden statue depicts a lamb curled up with a lion. When was the statue carved and by whom?

Continue down the pedestrian walkway towards West Street.

6. On the old water pump, what is the lion on the lead decoration holding?

At the bottom of the Lamb and Lion Yard cross West Street, turn right and then left into Church Passage.

Church Passage is colloquially known as 'Streaky Bacon Lane' as an adjacent building was a bacon smokery.

7. What famous son of Farnham who was a Member of Parliament, journalist and founder of 'Hansard' is buried outside the main door of the church?

Leave the churchyard via Upper Church Lane.

8. On leaving the churchyard you pass through a pair of stone gateposts constructed in memory of a dog. What is the breed and name of the dog?

Turn right into Downing Street. At the junction with Union Road cross over and enter Gostrey Meadow.

9. Murals on the wall illustrate the town's history. One panel portrays a rural scene of cows, oast houses and hop pickers. What is unusual about the pickers?

10. In Gostrey Meadow there is an attractive bandstand. What is the motto on the coat of arms?

From the bandstand, cross the wooden bridge over the Wey. Leave the park by the war memorial, turning left onto South Street.

11. Near to the Methodist Church is a plaque on a wall. The building was the first to be built by what famous architect in 1894?

Turn right at the corner of the car park to reach Victoria Garden.

This delightful garden is on the site of the former Farnham Swimming Baths which were built, by public subscription, to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

12. Who became a hero in June 1923

Return to South Street and turn right.

13. High on a house opposite Sainsbury's there are two large white reliefs. What is the man holding?

At the crossroads turn right.

14. A milestone marks the site of a toll booth, which is the former entrance to the town. What is the sum of distances to Bagshot, Alton and London?

Return to the crossroads and enter The Borough.

15. The Bush Hotel is the town's oldest hostelry. At what time did the courtyard stand still?

Continue along The Borough and return to the junction with Castle Street.