Pirbright, I Presume

Burrow Hill, Pirbright © Alan Hunt
Pirbright Lodge © Ron Strutt
Pirbright Common © Paul Smith

Whether or not Stanley actually delivered the famous one-liner 'Dr Livingstone, I presume?', when he tracked down the ailing missionary-explorer at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika, the expression has passed into legend. So you can be forgiven for experiencing a profound sense of disbelief when your own expedition into deepest Surrey uncovers Stanley's grave in a quiet corner of a village churchyard. You might expect to find it in Highgate Cemetery, perhaps; or, as Stanley himself had wished, next to the great Dr Livingstone in Westminster Abbey. But St Michael and All Angels, Pirbright? Well, sometimes fact can be stranger than fiction and, a few minutes into your walk, you'll come face to face with Stanley's powerfully simple memorial.