Through Wild Chobham


Staple Hill © Alan Hunt
Chobham Common © Alan Hunt
Chobham Common © Alan Hunt

Consider this. There are only around 60 species of butterflies in the British Isles - and you can see 29 of them on the sweeping expanses of Chobham Common. The litany of flora and fauna goes on; for instance, rather more than 200 species of birds live in this country or visit regularly, and over a hundred of them have been recorded on Chobham's lowland heaths. It all helps to explain why Chobham Common isn't just the largest National Nature Reserve in South East England, it's also one of Europe's best protected wildlife sites.


Assuming a constant pace and no stops, typically it will take 1 hour 4 minutes to walk the distance and along the way 285 calories will be burnt.

Bird's Eye View