Rowledge and Alice Holt

Alice Holt Forest Visitor Centre © Martyn Pattison
Alice Holt Forest © Colin Smith
The River Wey at Farnham © Dewi

A cycle ride between Farnham and Bentley railway stations via the county border village of Rowledge, Alice Holt Forest and the small hamlet of Blacknest. The trail consists of a well signed designated cycle path along the national cycle route number 22 to Rowledge, gravel forest tracks through Alice Holt and country lanes through Blacknest as you descend to Bentley station. A regular trail service from Bentley provides a convenient way to return to the start.

The trail can be extended by 11 miles by starting in Guildford and following the Guildford to Farnham via Puttenham trail. Train services connect Bentley and Farnham to Guildford (change at Aldershot).