Wey-South Path


River Wey Near Guildford © Peter Trimming
Farm Machinery in the Meadow © Colin Smith
River Arun © Janine Forbes

The Wey-South Path is a walking route from Guildford, Surrey to a junction with the South Downs Way above Amberley, West Sussex. Devised in the early 1970s on behalf of the Wey & Arun Canal Trust, then a newly established body aiming to restore the waterway which had previously linked the rivers Wey and Arun, the Path utilises almost all of the canal's towpath which is open to the public - necessarily diverting to avoid sections now in private ownership.


Assuming a constant pace and no stops, typically it will take 11 hours 32 minutes to walk the distance and along the way 3083 calories will be burnt.

Bird's Eye View


Paul Jonsson (Woking, UK)
Tue 12 Sep 2017, 04:34

Great resource, many thanks for hosting this information.