Virginia Water

Wentworth Golf Course © Alan Hunt
Corinthian Columns © Colin Smith
Totem Pole © Don Cload

This circular walk from Virginia Water station is filled with glimpses of celebrity homes on the Wentworth Estate as the trail crosses Wentworth Golf Course and skirts the polo grounds of Coworth Park. You emerge near Virginia Water lake, built in the 1740s. The lakeside trail passes Roman ruins, a decorative waterfall and a 100ft totem pole. Continue through Windsor Great Park, created in the 13th century as a royal hunting ground, before returning to the station by the bridleway and pavement.

Leave the station by Platform 1, turning left before the parade of shops following the public footpath sign. Ignore all turnings off to reach a tarmac road, after about a quarter of a mile. Turn right, uphill,passing shops and right again at the junction of Trumps Green Road into Crown Road. Continue to Wellington Avenue and after three-quarters of a mile carefully cross this busy road to the public footpath opposite.

Continue along this track, uphill. At a junction of paths on Wentworth Golf Course, follow the public footpath sign right, going downhill, to reach another sign in about 100 metres. Turn right. In about 30 metres, follow the sign into woods, downhill, to emerge by a large house, Fox Meadows. Continue to the tarmac road and along West Drive.

Lined with mansions that are homes to the likes of Sir Cliff Richard and golfer Ernie Els, follow this drive for over a mile as it meanders through the Wentworth Estate and crosses the fairways to emerge by the A30 (London Road). Turn left on the pavement by the A30 and, in about 300 metres, cross the road opposite the Bluebells Restaurant. Follow the bridleway sign, to the right, into Coworth Park. Initially a track, it meets a tarmac lane.

Keep on for half a mile with the polo grounds to your left. At the junction with the A329, turn left along the hard shoulder to the Blacknest car park, about 200 metres. Cross carefully into it and through the pedestrian gap in the fence to enter Windsor Great Park. Take the path right of the information boards, to the lake, about 150 metres. Turn right and follow the lakeside path passing Perch Bay viewpoint and on to the Roman ruins, brought in the 19th century from near Tripoli, and finally the Cascade Bridge by the waterfall, one-and-a-quarter miles. It's a short walk off the trail just beyond to the Wheatsheaf Hotel for a range of sandwiches, pies or a restaurant meal.

Continue half a mile to the Totem Pole, a gift to the Queen from Canada. Just before reaching the pole, take the earthen track on your right uphill for a quarter of a mile until you reach a signpost. Turn right following the Englefield Green and the A3 sign. Pass several houses and keep on, downhill initially, along the track to reach the A30, leaving the park by a metal gate, and turn right on the pavement along the A30 for about 300 metres.

Carefully cross to the public footpath opposite and follow along the playing fields to Callow Hill where you turn right, uphill, for about half a mile by the busy road, to reach Hollow Lane. Continue on the lane, which becomes a potentially muddy bridleway. Follow "bridleway to Stroude Road" signs, downhill, for three-quarters of a mile, crossing the railway line while checking for trains. At Stroude Road, turn right and continue half a mile to the pedestrian lights. Turn right and the station will be on your left in about 300 metres.