Blackdown to Alfold

Gospel Green © Richard Thomas
Hillside view across the Low Weald © Dave Spicer
Alfold, Cottages on Church Lane © Colin Smith

After descending from Blackdown to Gospel Green, the path follows a distinct boundary bank along a low ridge with good views on both Surrey and Sussex sides of the border.

This is a trail in the Sussex Border Path collection of trails. Together they describe the full length of this long distance footpath.

From hairpin bend on road at Blackdown, route veers away right just short of notice 'Aldworth'. Aldworth House was the country retreat of Lord Tennyson, where he lived until his death in 1892. The path runs parallel with the drive for a time, then crosses a second drive and drops downhill in stone-walled hollow way. At path fork, keep left to join road at Roundhurst Common. Turn left along road - uphill. Fork right at next junction, then continue on road for almost a mile to T-junction. Turn left and after 250 yards, at another T-junction at Gospel Green (GR 942315), keep ahead along bridleway opposite which follows winding track in rew (narrow strip of trees). After footbridge keep to right-hand path to finally emerge on track just before A283 (GR 946323). Walk to A283.

CARE - Cross main road and turn left for 150 yards, then, opposite road turning to Haslemere, turn right over stile to follow field edge path east. After first field, enter wood and continue ahead ignoring side tracks. After leaving wood, keep boundary bank on right, passing through field to enter further woodland. Immediately in wood, take right hand descending path and soon cross bridleway to emerge in field. Continue through several more fields, with hedge on right, to reach road at White's Hill (GR 968329).

Cross road to entrance to Garden Cottage Farm. Take bridle gate to left of drive and follow curving path to next bridle gate. Path bears left alongside paddock and field. Keep ahead, ignoring stile in fence left to bridle gate in corner of field. Keep straight ahead to next field with post and rail fence on your right. Cross racehorse gallops in dip and keep straight ahead to field gate. Continue ahead with hedge on left and down to corner of field. Path continues straight ahead through wood and up slope (possibly muddy) to fenced field path with hedge on left. Path drops to bridle gate into field - ignore path on left just before gate. Continue along left side of three fields with wood, fence and boundary bank on your left to finally reach stile and plank bridge. Path continues in same direction into wood - on reaching T-junction of paths turn right and then immediately left on fenced path between wood edge and field to metal gate in corner. Keep straight ahead through copse and ahead again at next two path junctions to pass along fenced path between small paddocks to house drive. Keep straight ahead on drive to cross end of tarmac lane. Continue ahead on path behind gardens to road at Old Dungate Farm (GR 997329).

Cross road and enter drive to farm. Within 20 yards, take stile in hedge on right to enter field. Follow field edge past farmhouse and buildings, then ahead in field with hedge on left towards wood. Cross stile into wood and continue ahead for 150 yards. CARE HERE, as route may vary slightly from that shown on OS map! Watch for narrower path turning left (there is a finger post at the junction but one arm was broken - June 2010). Take this path to the left which soon swings right and follow it through woods with the boundary bank on your right. Ignore path on left and then drop down to plank bridge in hollow, then up and over to second stream and another footbridge. Join path coming in from the left, then shortly left at next fingerpost. In about 200 yards you will emerge on to forest ride - turn left here and at another crossing track in 75 yards continue ahead on narrower track. After 150 yards turn right on crossing track (GR 012327).

Continue to gravel drive, soon forking right and then keep to main track for over half a mile until within sight of buildings ahead. Watch for fingerpost on left and take path to bridle gate. Follow path with wire fence on right, turning right and left with wooden fence on right, then wire fence again. Continue within left edge of wood until at plank bridges and gate the path becomes wide track between banks. Cross short section of pasture to stile at Barberry Bridge (River Lox, a source of the River Arun). Cross bridge and climb up to reach crossing path (Wey-South Path) and causeway over the course of the Wey and Arun Canal (GR 028325). The canal is under restoration - visit '' for more information on the restoration and for a guide book to the Wey-South Path.

Continue ahead across canal on clear path, over crossing track and so to Oakhurst farmyard. At Oakhurst, veer right on to new gravel track (path diversion 2010) and around restored farm buildings to reach tarmac lane. Continue on lane to B2133 at Alfold Bars (GR 037332). Turn left to Sir Roger Tichborne pub and the end of this section.