Wephurst Park and Holland

Loxwood Sports Ground © Ben Gamble
Fountain's Farm © Colin Smith
Wephurst Wood © Dave Spicer

A very pleasant stroll through the woodland and fields of Wephurst Park and Holland's Heath. Take your wellies if it has rained recently as many of the paths can be boggy.

1. Facing the cricket pitch from the car park, take the track to your right running along the back of the cottages. Follow this track, which soon turns into a proper path until you get to a gated driveway on the left (Fox Cottage).

2. Fork left, ignoring the path straight ahead, to run you alongside this property's boundary. Continue down this muddy path (crossing over a hard track between two fields) until you reach the Wephurst Park driveway, grid reference TQ035290.

3. Cross over the driveway and on along the bridlepath ahead of you. Continue along this path until you see a gateway slightly to your left, ignoring the path heading right. Go through this pedestrian gate and continue ahead along the hard track passing a large pond on your right and going through another gate on to a grass track, with open fields on your left.

4. As you approach the end of this field turn right on a signed footpath (in front of a barn conversion - Chandlers Barn) and head along the fenced path between two fields. At the top of the slight incline, just after the path turns right, follow the footpath sign left through the hedge and out over a large open field. (A large isolated house, Fountains Farm, can be seen over to your right). When you hit the cross track continue ahead, again following the footpath sign and stick to the right hand side of the field (doing two sides of it) until you see the large telegraph pole where you exit the field over a wooden footbridge. Continue ahead over the next open field and bob through the hole along the fencing / hedge, about three quarters of the way down the right hand side of the field.

5. Cross the wooden footbridge over the stream, grid reference TQ022278. Keep ahead up through the copse, through some temporary metal gates and along the rather overgrown footpath skirting a field on your right. Halfway, cross the stile into the sheep field and walk half right through it to the stile you see ahead. Immediately turn right to run you alongside the same field until you reach a T-junction. Turn right on this hard track and continue along until you reach an open piece of land where a number of paths meet, grid reference TQ024282.

6. Take the track half right and continue until you meet another path meeting point where you turn left handed ignoring the field and paths ahead, grid reference TQ025283.

7. Continue along this track, keeping right when Wephurst House comes in to view across a field and continue ahead when you cross the Wephurst Park drive once more. Stay on this hard track which turns in to a path again and which eventually, by continuing straight ahead, brings you back to Loxwood Social Club, on the same path you started out on.


The trail starts at Loxwood Social Club where you can leave the car. Loxwood village is on the B2133 which can be reached from Billingshurst via the A272. The nearest railway station is in Billingshurst.