Basingstoke Canal and The River Wey

Woodham Top Lock © Neil Clifton
Weir at Papercourt Lock © Stephen Dawson
River Wey Navigation © Colin Smith

This trail is along the Basingstoke Canal and the River Wey. From Woking you will follow the canal until the intersection with the River Wey near Byfleet. You then walk beside the river to Cartbridge before returning to Woking centre from the south. There are several pubs along the way to stop for refreshments.

Horsell Moor to Woodham Junction

The trail begins along the Basingstoke Canal in Woking. There is a shop nearby if you want to buy some refreshments for the walk. Begin by walking north east towards along the canal, towards Woodham. You will pass by Woodham Hall Estate and Sheerwater. Just before you walkk through Woodham, there is a pub between locks three and four if you want some refreshments. Shortly after this you will get to Woodham Junction, where the canal meets the River Wey. The River Wey is also known as the Wey & Godalming Navigation.

Woodham Junction to Cartbridge

At Woodham Junction, you will need to cross over Woodham Footbridge and then turn right to walk down the River Wey southwards. Just under half way along this section, you will come to Pyrford Bridge, where there is a pub nearby for refreshments and also parking facilities. From here, continue walking along the towpath. As you come to Newark Lock, you will need to cross over the bridge there and walk on the other side of the river until Newark New Bridge where you will need to cross back over again. There are parking facilities nearby and also a campsite and caravan park. Further off your route is a pub. It is not long from here that you will arrive at Cartbridge. From here, you can get back into Woking by walking along Broadmead Road, left along High Street Road, King Field and Wych Hill. At the roundabout, go straight on. Wych Star Hill will lead into Hock Heath and you need to go righjt along Hill Road. From here, go up St John's Hill and you will arrive back at the Basingstoke Canal.