Frensham Common

Frensham Little Pond © Ben Gamble
Frensham Little Pond © Colin Smith
Heathland, Frensham © Don Cload

The trail is in the form of two loops. The first loop provides a short ride of roughly 1.5km while both loops together add up to approximately 5.5km of easy to moderately difficult cycling. Be warned, there is one short section where you would be advised to get off and push.

1. The trail starts from the small car park off Priory Lane. It travels west along the northern edge of the Common, on relatively firm level ground.

2. After roughly 300 metres the trail turns left beginning to slowly climb up onto Kings Ridge, giving views across the Common towards the Great Pond.

3. Shortly after, the trail levels out, the loop turns left and back down towards the car park.

4. The long route continues along the ridge which is level and fairly firm, past the burial mounds, before entering a wooded area.

5. At the end of the ridge, the route goes down a fairly steep hill, with some loose stones before turning sharp left.

6. Carry straight on where the main track turns sharp right. Stay on this firm path until it rejoins the bridleway.

7. Turn left where the bridleway meets the road. At the end of the road, turn right and stay on the firm, level path past the southern shore of the Little Pond.

8. Cross the sandy track and climb up the steep slope to the top of the ridge. You would be advised to get off and push this bit!

9. At the top, turn around and enjoy the view over the Little Pond. Turn right along the ridge, using the same track as on the outward let, before bearing right, down the track towards the car park.


Frensham sits on the A287 some 2.5 miles south of Farnham. Take the A287 from Farnham and turn left into Priory Lane shortly after Millbridge.