The Frensham

Village Cricket © Andrya Prescott
St.Mary the Virgin, Spreakley © Richard Croft
Frensham Great Pond © Colin Smith

Frensham is known far and wide for its large lakes and its airy open area of heathland that makes up the Country Park. Nestling up against the Hampshire border, this marvellous place is a delight to the visitor. The village itself is rather spread out but the core surrounds St Mary's church where legend has it that the large copper cauldron came from Mother Ludlam's Cave in nearby Moor Park many centuries ago.

After passing this interesting little church our way cuts across the common to meet up with Frensham Great Pond where sail boats take advantage of the wide expanse of water. Here we follow the shoreline westwards for a while to reach the shady banks of the river Wey South Branch as it flows through peaceful woodland. By following the course of the river we find ourselves walking along a quiet lane before cutting between fields to find ourselves back at the pub and the end of the stroll.

1. Leave the Holly Bush and walk back towards the A287. Enter the cricket ground and head towards a group of four sweet chestnut trees. If you have parked here then these trees are to the left of the cricket pitch. From these trees bear rightwards around the perimeter of the cricket pitch that has been scooped out of the hillside and soon you will see a stile in the fence ahead of you. Go over this and continue diagonally right down a slope to soon meet a bridge over a brook. Cross the bridge and continue between fields on a sunken path. Just after passing to the right of cottages go left on a narrow footpath, cross a drive and press on ahead downhill to finally meet a T-junction. Turn left here and soon meet a bridge over the river Wey.

2. Cross the bridge and press on until the path reaches a road beside St Mary's church. Turn left for a few yards and then turn right into Lovers Lane. At the end continue along a path and at a road keep ahead on the path opposite. At another road turn right along it for 1/4 mile and then go left along the drive leading to Frensham Great Pond car park. Pass the information centre to reach the sandy shore.

3. Turn right along the shoreline. Some areas are fenced off so that the plantlife can recover from the pounding of many feet but you will be able to remain quite close to the shore. At a road turn left to soon reach the Frensham Pond Hotel. Pass to the right of the hotel and turn right on a footpath when opposite the car park entrance.

4. Keep to this path as it passes an idyllic pond and soon cross a small weir with caution. Now turn left and continue along a pleasing woodland path with the river Wey South Branch to your left. At a wider track bear left along it and later ignore a bridge to your left. Keep ahead to eventually meet a drive where you pass between wrought iron gates to meet a road.

5. Turn left along the road and very soon turn right along a road signposted to Millbridge. After 1/2 mile turn right into Hammondswood Road and soon ignore paths to left and right. Keep ahead along the track to meet a direction post. Bear left here and retrace your steps along the path between fields where you soon cross the small brook. Bear right up the slope to meet up with the stile in the fence of the recreation ground. Press on around the perimeter of the cricket pitch to find yourself back at the Holly Bush and the end of our stroll.


Frensham sits on the A287 some 2.5 miles south of Farnham. There is parking in the pub car park or by the cricket pitch along Shortfield Road a few yards east of the pub.