Adderbury Village

St Mary's Church, Adderbury © Alan Ford
Morris Dancers © Steve Parker
Adderbury © Dennis Turner

A tour around some of the most fascinating buildings and features of this historic village. This walk can be enjoyed on its own or in conjunction with the circular trail. Most of the buildings described are people’s homes, so please respect their privacy and view from a polite distance.

Adderbury village is divided by the Sor Brook into East and West Adderbury. The first documented evidence of the village is in a will of 990, where it is written as Eadburgesbyrig. This suggests that the village may have been named after Eadburga of Aylesbury, a Mercian saint and princess (died c.650).

In the 13th Century the village and surrounding lands were divided between the Lords of four Manors. In 1381 The Bishop of Winchester split his holding in two. He gave his Rectory Manor (including St.Mary's Church) to New College Oxford, which he had recently founded. His successors retained the other part, Adderbury Manor, for a further four centuries, until 1801.

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