Glyme Valley Way


St Kenelm's, Enstone © Alexander P Kapp
River Glyme in Flood © Des Blenkinsopp
Blenheim Cascade © David Hawgood

As a part of the celebrations for Oxfordshire's 1000th birthday, BBC Oxford and the Countryside Service demonstrated the rich history and value of the county's countryside by leaving the legacy of a suggested walking route along the River Glyme, between Chipping Norton and Woodstock.

The trail follows the river as it passes many key historical sites including two Capability Brown parklands, deserted villages, a Roman road, water meadows, waterfalls, and a 12th century church.


Assuming a constant pace and no stops, typically it will take 5 hours 14 minutes to walk the distance and along the way 1399 calories will be burnt.

Bird's Eye View