Whitstable and Herne Bay Trail

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Whitstable Harbour © Dennis Smith
Beach Huts Below Western Esplanade © Colin Smith
The ruins of St. Mary's, Reculver © Chris Whippet

Watch how your surroundings change as you move from the uniquely charming fishing town of Whitstable to the more vibrant seaside resort of Herne Bay with its Victorian villas, buckets and spades and amusement arcades. It all changes again as you approach Reculver National Park where people are swapped for birds, beach becomes field and buildings are replaced by the twin towers of St. Mary's Church.

This trail encompasses 3 colour-coded trails - red, blue and yellow. You can choose to complete the whole trail at once which will take a full day if you visit some of the attractions along the way or you can do one at a time. This trail is part of the Saxon Shore Way so look out for the green signs along the way.


karen pellegrino
Sun 24 May 2015, 18:57

Hi could someone provide some information on who is responsible for the erection of new signs on reculver clifftop, one of which will literally be a blot on the landscape? thanks