Medway Trail

Upnor Castle Roofscape © Ian Capper
Rochester Cathedral © Christine Matthews
HMS Gannet © Oast House Archive

The Medway trail consists of 3 colour-coded trails. The red and blue trails are designed for cycling however as Medway is a busy urban area they can also be completed by car. The yellow trail is an addition for those travelling with a car wanting to visit Upnor Castle. For families, it is recommended to complete the Medway trail by car. You can choose to complete all three trails at once or take each at a time.

Medway is situated along the River Medway and this trail encompasses Rochester with its lovely atmosphere and fine historic buildings, The Historic Dockyard in Chatham, one of the most complete dockyards from the age of sail, and Upper Upnor, the beautiful village setting for Upnor Castle.

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