Crab and Winkle Way

Former Priory by River Stour © Paul Gillett
Towards Clowes Wood © David Anstiss
Whitstable Harbour and Fishing Huts © David Anstiss

The Crab and Winkle Way takes its name from the six mile railway line which ran between the towns of Canterbury and Whitstable. The trail is signed on road from Canterbury West station, joining National Route 1 through the town near the river at Pound Lane. From Harbledown the route is mostly traffic-free, following the railway line from the Winding Pond (a great place to picnic) to the outskirts of Whitstable. On the way you travel through Blean Woods, one of the largest areas of ancient broadleaved woodland in southern Britain, where you can find the rare heath fritillary butterfly.

The trail ends at Whitstable station, but is signed right through to the harbour of this lovely seaside town which is still a commercial port. Enjoy its weatherboard cottages, stroll down Squueze Gut Alley and sample the local seafood for which the railway was nicknamed. If you don’t feel up to the ride back, you can get the train from Whitstable to Canterbury East station, but you will have to change at Faversham.

To download and print an excellent leaflet describing the history and route of the trail produced by The Crab and Winkle Line Trust please click here. For a Sustran's leaflet promoting the trail click here.

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