Wayfarer's Walk


Views close to the Berkshire border © Pam Brophy
Kilmeston Manor © Peter Facey
Langstone Harbour © Chris Gunns

The Wayfarer's Walk is a long-distance trail from Inkpen Beacon in the north west corner of Hampshire to the coastal town of Emsworth on the Sussex border.

To read a description of the trail by Hampshire County Council please click here.

If you are feeling fit you could walk the trail in four days. However it would be much more pleasurable to spread it over a week or more, with overnight stops in the villages and towns along the way. A five day schedule is:

- Inkpen Beacon to Kingsclere (13 miles)
- Kingsclere to Dummer (14 miles)
- Dummer to Alresford (14 miles)
- Alresford to Droxford (14 miles)
- Droxford to Emsworth (18 miles)


Readers' Comments

  • Tue 10 Jun 2014, 17:52

    Great cycle route great on a sunny day with friends especially sitting by the pond is alsford for lunch