Clarendon Way

Clarendon Way near West Winterslow © Tim Heaton
River Test in Houghton © Chris Heaton
Winchester Cathedral © Peter Trimming

The Clarendon Way is a footpath joining the two Wessex cities of Salisbury and Winchester. It starts near the Avon at Salisbury Cathedral and ends beside the waters of the Itchen in the heart of Winchester. It provides a splendid variety of scenery along the way, ranging from the water meadows of the valleys with their charming villages through woodland, ancient as well as modern, to downlands with far-ranging views.

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Readers' Comments

  • Sun 28 Aug 2016, 20:41
    Rob Stanley

    Hi Jim, officially it's a footpath so sections of it cannot be crossed on a bike. Cycling you have to keep to bridleways, public byways and roads. However, there are plenty of bridleways that run close to the Clarendon Way so it is easy to find a cycling route. For example, north out of Salisbury to Ford Mill, right following the Roman Road to Buckholt Farm, left through to Broughton, then Houghton, then Kings Sombourne, continue east to Ashley Down, Farley Mount Country Park, Ham Green and then drop into Winchester.

  • Sun 28 Aug 2016, 17:51
    Jim Nevens

    The Clarendon Way is a National trail and consists of tracks and some roads as well as footpaths. Please advise if we are allowed to cycle on some or part of this route.