Stratfield Mortimer

South of Mortimer © Graham Horn
St Mary, Stratfield Mortimer © John Salmon
Farmland, Mortimer © Andrew Smith

Rolling hills and picturesque hamlets and villages are the features of the countryside around Mortimer. This short walk from Stratfield Mortimer railway station follows the train line before turning to ascend the hill to Mortimer village. There are several pubs in the village to stop for refreshments. The second half of the walk offers fine views as you descend gently back to the railway station.

From Mortimer railway station turn left into Station Road and then left at the roundabout. Turn left onto the lane, signed Byway, that leads to St Mary's church. Cross the stream and then turn right onto the path that follows the line of the stream.

At the fork in the paths turn right and cross the footbridge over the stream. Turn left to follow the path, now with the stream on your left. Pass through a metal gate and continue walking beside the stream. In the corner of the field is a gate dedicated to Lord Nelson. Do not go through the gate but instead turn right and follow the hedge in the direction of a red brick house. The path bears to the right across the field.

At the lane turn right and then left at the junction. Follow the road up the hill. At the brow of the hill join the footpath on your right that leads down across an open field. At the tree line there is a junction of footpaths, take the left path that ascends the hill, keeping the houses to your right. At the road turn left to find the Horse and Groom public house. A little further into Mortimer village is a row of shops.

The trail returns to the railway station via Wheat's Farm. From the Horse and Groom cross the road and bear right to walk diagonally across the village green. Turn left onto the road and then immediately right to join a signed footpath that leads through a canopy of trees. At the footpath junction take the right fork that runs beside the trees rather than crossing the field. Descend gently towards Wheat's Farm. Turn left to enter the farmyard and then follow the signed trail as it continues to descend the hill.

As you descend bear right keeping the hedge on your right side. Bear left across the field and cross over a lane. When you reach the main road at the bottom of the hill turn right and then left at the roundabout into Station Road to return to the railway station.

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