Lockerley Green and West Tytherley

Fields and Woodland, East Dean © David Martin
The River Dun, East Dean © Patrick Pavey
Views from St Peter's Church, West Tytherley © Trish Steel

A pleasant walk from Lockerley Green beside the River Dun to the Black Horse pub in West Tytherley. Beautiful countryside and magnificent views are the features of this leisurely walk. The road walking is very peaceful as the roads carry almost no traffic. The return is via Frenchmoor.

1. Set off along the north edge of Lockerley Green towards the corner and the path which passes by a garden onto a field. You should hear the running of the stream, actually the remains of the Salisbury Southampton canal which was never completed. Cross the stile and up Holbury Lane for a few metres and then cross over into the field on your left hand side. The path is fairly straightforward though the corner of the field to which you are heading will not be easily visible. In the autumn it passes a small stand of corn which is used to fatten up pheasants.

2. Pass by Holbury farm and perhaps admire the flock of Jacobs sheep, pass over a rivulet and along the edge of the field. Strictly speaking the path cuts off the corner obliquely to meet with a concrete track but most people will keep to the edge of the field. Take the concrete track going due west and then behind the barns of Park farm.

3. Take the path downhill slightly to meet the track of Frenchmoor Lane and cross over at the bend in the lane into the next field, still going west.

4. At the next junction of paths about 600m later take the north going route. You'll pass an area which has been kindly set aside for picnickers and, indeed, the evening sun setting view from here across to Dean Hill can be magnificent. Keeping to the path you'll pass by a resplendent residence to your right and thence onto Frenchmoor Lane.

5. This is a very quiet road with the occasional house on either side.

6. Over the cross roads and continuing northwards. You will pass by an old Methodist chapel now undergoing renovation and then West Tytherley church.

7. You should come out onto Dean Road opposite the West Tytherley school. Turn right down hill and the Black Horse will be on your left. The return route shares much of the same path but it is such leisurely walking. So, refreshed, take the route back down Frenchmoor Lane but, just before you reach the spot where you joined it coming there will be a signed footpath to your left.

8. Take it and follow its route across fields until you join a concrete track.

9. You could continue here to Pugs Hole Farm and take the track into Holbury Wood but this route will take you down the concrete track to join the route which you took on the way out. Follow it to your starting point.

Trail Location

The trail starts and ends at Lockerley Green although you can join it at other locations on the circuit. The nearest train station is at Dunbridge, which has services to Southampton, Salisbury, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Bath.

By car take the A3057 from Romsey before joining the B3084, which leads to Dunbridge. Leave the B3084 at the Mill Arms in Dunbridge, i.e. continue straight on and do not turn right across the railway crossing, following signs to Butt's Green and Lockerley. If you're visiting then you should park by the village shop or the Baptist church. Lockerley locals should, of course, walk!

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