The Churches of Lockerley

Interior, St John the Evangelist Church © Trish Steel
St John the Evangelist © Rosemary Oakeshott
St Winfrith Church © Chris Talbot

This walk explores the four different, yet all beautiful, churches in the Benefice and the stunning countryside of this corner of the Test Valley.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these churches. The buildings have been places for the communities here to gather to worship God. They are still in regular use, please take a Noticesheet with details of services. We also hope that you will be able to come again and join us for a Service. If you are interested in researching your Family History and have links with these parishes please contact the Vicar who is also a researcher.

1. Lockerley to East Dean

Cross the road to the gate almost opposite the northern end of the layby in front of the church and follow the well defined track across the set-aside to the official footpath alongside the railway. Follow this until it veers diagonally across the crop to emerge on Lockerley Green by the Post Office.

Cross the green and the 'main' road to the north west corner (by 'Cornerways'). The footpath runs by the hedge into the drive and on between hedge and fence, turning sharply right in a very few yards. Cross the collapsing stile and veer down towards the old canal and on to the stile into Holbury Lane. Cross to the stile opposite into another field, possibly with cattle, and follow the worn path curving slightly to the left to the stile onto the East Dean Road, where you bear right. Continue along the pavement, and then the road, over the level crossing until you reach East Dean Church.

2. East Dean to West Tytherley

Turn left along the road for 1/4 mile to the Brewers Arms and turn right into the end of the lane opposite. Cross the pedestrian railway crossing, bear left at the first bend and continue straight on at the next onto a footpath going uphill across a field. Turn right into the belt of trees at the top, follow this path, jinking right and then left at a high wire fence; keep this fence to your left, avoiding any mud, and go on to another stile into a field with spacious views to the west. Skirt the duckpond on your right, and on to the stile at the top corner of the field. You may like to stop briefly at the picnic area here.

Cross the stile into another field, keeping the fence to your right, to double stiles across the corner of a field. Go diagonally, with a new fence on your right, to the next stile into an arable field. The footpath crosses this field to the far right hand corner, but you may find it easier to turn right along the field boundary to Frenchmoor Lane, where you turn left. Follow the lane, which should have very little traffic, straight over the slightly offset crossroads, left at the next junction, past the former Poustinia, to West Tytherley Church.

3. West Tytherley to East Tytherley

On leaving the Church, turn left at the church gate, along the road into the village, right at the school, past the Black Horse and turn right up the lane just beyond the recreation ground (Chalk Pit Lane). Follow this up hill (quite steep) until the lane turns left, where you go straight on onto a bridleway (this can be muddy). This track eventually becomes surfaced again and drops down into Stony Batter. Turn right at the junction opposite the new stables, and very shortly left at the Coach Road. Watch out for traffic on this short stretch.

Round the next bend and just after Sopps Farm turn right over a stile and onto a footpath. Continue straight across the next path over a stile into a meadow. Watch out for ewes and lambs in this or the adjacent field. Go over the stile in the left hand corner and proceed to East Tytherley Church.

4. East Tytherley to Lockerley

Leaving the Church turn left retracing your steps back along the track to the gate and stile, but then turn left following a path downhill, keeping first a fence and then a ha-ha wall on your left. Go through a missing kissing gate, over a small stream, slightly to the right up the rise across the field to the corner of the woodland ahead; turn slightly left around this angle to find a kissing gate in the top corner. Cross the ride, through another kissing gate into the corner of a large field. Bear slightly to the right across this field until you can see a stile ahead over the crest of the hill.

The next field may have a 'Beware of the Bull' sign, but this is a footpath. There are two stiles to cross at this point. There will probably be cattle in this delightful bit of parkland, so exercise appropriate care. Keep the fence on your left to the gate ahead. Cross the cattle crush to turn right onto a track. Cross a grassy ride to a dilapidated gate and stile. Once through or over these, bear left onto a wide grassy ride, through hazel coppice and oak, which eventually deteriorates into a muddy track rising up to Holbury lane. Bear left down the hill, over the bridge at Holbury Mill, and immediately after the little bridge over the old canal, turn left over a stile. Follow the worn path in the grass, bearing slightly right, up to a collapsing stile onto a fenced path which borders a garden, soon emerging onto Lockerley Green.

Cross the green and the road to take the path to the immediate right of the Post Office. Here you will see the church across a field. Cross this field by the worn path, follow the hedge bordering the railway until you see a broad track in the grass leading off left towards the church ahead. Leave the field by the rather ramshackle gate (remembering to re-secure it!) to cross the road with care and arrive at Lockerley Church.


To download the trail leaflet written by Rev. Pitkin please click here. For a map of the trail click here.

Trail Location

The trail starts and ends at Lockerley Church although you can join it at numerous other locations on the circuit. The directions assume a clockwise direction from Lockerley, so be careful if you go the other way round! The nearest train station is at Dunbridge, which has services to Southampton, Salisbury, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Bath.

By car take the A3057 from Romsey before joining the B3084, which leads to Dunbridge. Leave the B3084 at the Mill Arms in Dunbridge, i.e. continue straight on and do not turn right across the railway crossing, following signs to Butt's Green and Lockerley.

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Readers' Comments

  • Sat 26 Oct 2013, 15:43

    We walked this lovely route today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the stiles were gone and some replaced with gates but all in all the route was easy to follow. Really beautiful views which you wouldn't find in any other way then walking. Definitely worth walking!