Busketts Lawn, Ironshill and Lodgehill

Busketts Lawn Inclosure © Jim Champion
Footbridge over Bartley Water © Jim Champion
Busketts Wood © ValP

A cycle trail through woodland near Ashurst passing through Busketts Lawn, Lodgehill and Ironshill Inclosures. The route is mostly on forest tracks but also includes a short stretch of Woodlands Road.

1. Leave the parking area by the telephone box, turn right along Woodlands Road, turn right again at a gate, and continue along the cycle track through Costicles Inclosure.

2. Follow the cycle track for 0.5 kilometres (1/3 mile), to leave Costicles Inclosure just before a 'T' junction is reached, the cycle track goes left here.

3. Skirt Costicles, Busketts Lawn, Busketts and Lodgehill Inclosures, and eventually, after a further 1 kilometre, reach the grounds of Ironshill Lodge, where the cycle track swings sharply to the left.

4. Almost immediately after, go straight across at a X-roads, the intersecting track is well-made and compacted, but is not a cycle track.

5. After a further 0.3 kilometres (1/5 mile), turn sharp right at a 'T' junction (cycle track sign number 44), and continue to follow the track through Lodgehill Inclosure, and then Ironshill Inclosure.

6. Enter Busketts Lawn Inclosure, cross Bartley Water, and follow the cycle track to the right, on through Busketts Lawn Inclosure.

7. After a further 1 kilometre, reach a 'T' junction, and turn left. (Again, although well-made and compacted, the turn to the right is not a cycle track).

8. After a short distance, follow the cycle track to the right, and return to the Woodlands Road 'telephone box' car parking area.

Trail Location

The starting point for the trail is 1 kilometre (0.6 mile) north-west of Ashurst. Park beside Woodlands Road, 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) north-west of Ashurst station, by a telephone box, and gate leading into Busketts Lawn Inclosure. Note that parking is somewhat limited here, enough only for 4-5 cars.

Alternative starts:

1. There is another gate with even more limited parking, enough for 2-3 cars, a little closer to Ashurst, on Woodlands Road.

2. Try the Busketts Lawn car park: continue along Woodlands Road, turn left at the first T junction, and the car park is a short distance away, on the left.

3. Those cycling from Lyndhurst can join the route close to Lodgehill Cottage, on the A35 Lyndhurst to Ashurst road. The nearest train station is Ashurst, approx. 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) away.

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