The Crown and Garter, Inkpen © The Crown and Garter
View north near Upper Green © Brian Robert Marshall
Farmland in the lee of Inkpen Hill © Brian Robert Marshall

The walk rises up onto the Inkpen Ridgeway, which is followed for about 15 miles by the Wayfarer's Walk, with exceptional views to the north. The route only includes a short section of the long-distance route, but gives a flavour of its 'highlands' stretch en route to Emsworth and Langstone Harbour.

1. From the Crown and Garter take a track running alongside its garden fence in a south-easterly direction. After about 500 metres the track passes houses on the left-hand side and further on emerges onto a country road. Turn right onto the road.

2. After 500 metres, where the road turns sharply to the right (if a shorter walk is required, turn right here), take a footpath that continues ahead along the edge of a copse in s south-westerly direction. To the left is a crop field and ahead the ridgeway. The footpath passes an old quarry and then the field boundary takes a sharp turn to the left. Here our route turns right into a copse and soon comes to a minor road at a junction.

3. We turn left onto the road, signed to Faccombe and Ashmansworth, which climbs steeply onto West Woodhay Down. At the top of the rise the Wayfarer's Walk comes in from the right and continues along the road to a T-junction.

4. We leave the long-distance path at this point and turn left along a byway signed: 'no through route for vehicles'. After 300 metres a bridleway comes in from the left. The road falls for about another 300 metres and is then crossed by a bridleway at a point where Berkshire touches Hampshire. Here we turn left onto the bridleway and continue towards Highwood Farm on the right.

5. Just before reaching the access drive to the farm, the route turns left on a track that runs in a north-westerly direction. It winds round to emerge at Point 2 above. Just before reaching this point the waters of the lake belonging to West Woodhay House can be seen in the distance on the right-hand side. From Point 2, turn left onto a minor road and then right at a T-junction after about 500 metres. This leads back to the Crown and Garter. The route falls between steep banks to Kirby House on the left, a lovely five-bay country house.

6. Just beyond the house a road forks off to the right and climbs back to Inkpen Common and the pub.

Trail Location

The trail starts at the Crown and Garter. Inkpen Common is situated about a mile south-east of Inkpen village, which is itself about 4 miles south-east of Hungerford. The pub has a good-sized car park.

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