Danebury Hill and Longstock

Danebury Ring - Raised Inner Walkway © Colin Smith
View North from outer rampart © Steve Bushell
Fullerton - The Mill © Chris Talbot

A fine walk to the iron age hill fort on Danebury Hill. The walk also follows the line of an old railway beside the River Test and takes in the villages of Longstock and Fullerton.

Leave the car park and cross the road on to a path. Turn left to pass under the main road and head south west on The Test Way. Here the route follows an old railway line and further on passes some old railway huts. Follow this flat path for just under 3km, passing under four bridges.

1. Immediately after passing under the fourth bridge, turn off to the right on a path that leads up and back to join a road. Turn left and cross the river, following the road to a junction where you can stop at the pub for refreshment!

2. At the road junction turn left and then right just before the church on a minor road. Leave the village, passing the cemetery and climb gently out into open country. About 2km after the cemetery the path meets the road. Turn right on the road, ignoring the minor road off to the right and follow this for about 0.3km.

3. Turn left on the minor road to Danebury Hill. This Iron Age hill fort is one of the finest in the country and is well worth exploring.

Retrace your steps back down to the road and turn right. Where the minor road joins, turn left on this road heading downhill for 0.4 km, before taking a bridleway off to the right.

4. After a little under 1km, the main track bears off to the right. Ignore this and continue straight on, passing under a height restriction bar. Follow this pleasant track, crossing a minor road, for approximately 3.5km to meet a road. Turn left and follow the road into Fullerton, turning right at the next junction.

5. Cross the River Test to meet the main road (A3057). Turn briefly left over a bridge, before turning right to rejoin the old railway line. Continue over the river and just before passing under the bridge, turn left back to the car park.

Danebury Hill

The hill fort on Danebury Hill, often called Danebury Ring, dates from the iron age ? 2,500 years ago. The double defensive rings still reach up to 5m high, although originally they would have been more pronounced and topped with palisades. Extensive excavation has been carried out at the site, which shows evidence of wood and metal working, together with spinning and weaving.

Trail Location

The trail starts from a car park just off the A3057 between Stockbridge and Andover, on the minor road to Chilbolton. As an alternative, parking is available on the road up to Danebury Hill.

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