Ancient Hillforts and Marshwood Vale


Marshwood Vale from Coney's Castle © Derek Harper
Whitchurch Canonicorum: thatched cottage © Chris Downer
Marshwood Vale near Pilsdon © Nigel Mykura

A cycle tour visiting the ancient hillforts of Pilsdon Pen, Coney's Castle and Lambert's Castle and the villages and meadows of Marshwood Vale north of Charmouth.

Readers' Comments

  • Fri 6 Apr 2012, 13:46
    Alan Powers

    I spent a Spring month in Whitchurch and visited Coney's Castle almost daily. Looking out to the V of sea between the cliffs, the sky and sea always appeared a continuum--one day, of grey and fog or rain, another, the blue of sky and sea. I knew immediately for the Pre-Romans of Coney's Castle, the sea and sky gods were probably the same. Coney's Castle fils with bluebells in late spring, even in cool, forbidding air.