The Ridgeway

  • Trail distance is 86 miles / 138 kms
  • There are 7126 feet / 2172 metres to climb
  • Typically it takes 6-8 days to walk the trail
  • Teams allowed, all team members complete the distance
  • Permitted activities:  walking, jogging, aerobic exercise   
  • There are no time restrictions to complete the challenge

The Ridgeway National Trail follows a historic trading route that has been used by travellers, herdsmen and the military for thousands of years. Almost entirely off road this walk starts at Overton Hill, close to Avebury and the largest Stone Circle in Europe. From here you walk broadly north east through some of Southern England's finest countryside as you cross the Wessex Downs of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire before ending your journey at Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire.

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