North Downs Way

  • Trail distance is 155 miles / 249 kms
  • There are 17638 feet / 5376 metres to climb
  • Typically it takes 10-15 days to walk the trail
  • Teams allowed, all team members complete the distance
  • Permitted activities:  walking, jogging, aerobic exercise   
  • There are no time restrictions to complete the challenge

The North Downs Way is a long distance footpath through spectacular scenery, picturesque villages and glorious rolling green countryside. From the pretty town of Farnham on the Hampshire/Surrey border you walk east through the Surrey Hills and Kent Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty before arriving at the white sea cliffs of Dover in Kent. The North Downs Way is based on the Pilgrims' Way, which connects Winchester to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

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