Hadrian's Wall Path

The Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail is a coast to coast long distance footpath that follows the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall from the Solway Firth in the west to Wallsend on the banks of the River Tyne in the east. The wall was built to guard the wild north-west frontier of the Roman Empire from the tribes to the north. Today you can explore the wall's rich history and its dramatic landscape at over twenty English Heritage sites along the trail including the remains of forts, towers, turrets and towns. Along the way you can stay at classic country inns, visit pretty market towns and enjoy fine views across the wild Northumbrian landscape.

  • 84 miles / 135.2 kms
  • 6224 feet / 1897 metres
  • 5-8 days
  • Bowness-on-Solway - Wallsend

As the terrain is relatively flat, the Hadrian's Wall Path is within the ability of all reasonably fit walkers. The trail is well signposted so navigation is simple. Most of the guidebooks assume walkers start in Newcastle and walk west but our recommendation is to start at Bowness-on-Solway and head east. The wind is more likely to be from behind you and finishing the trail with a meal and some ale in the lively city of Newcastle is a great way to end your holiday.


The walking distances each day will vary depending on the accommodation you choose each night. Large groups may need to use hotels and inns in towns and villages nearby. The hotels and inns you stay with can provide a packed lunch, which you collect on departure. Accommodation in the middle section of the trail can be difficult to find especially during the summer. You may need to use local taxis to transport you between your accommodation and the path. Alternatively you can book several nights at one place and use the many public transport options that are available to return to your hotel/inn each day, see transport notes below.

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England
6 Days

Day 1 - Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle - 15 miles / 24 kms
Day 2 - Carlisle to Lanercost - 14 miles / 22 kms
Day 3 - Lanercost to Twice Brewed - 15 miles / 24 kms
Day 4 - Twice Brewed to Chollerford - 12 miles / 20 kms
Day 5 - Chollerford to Heddon-on-the-Wall - 15 miles / 25 kms
Day 6 - Heddon-on-the-Wall to Wallsend - 15 miles / 24 kms

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England
7 Days

Day 1 - Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle - 15 miles / 24 kms
Day 2 - Carlisle to Walton - 11 miles / 18 kms
Day 3 - Walton to Gilsland - 8 miles / 13 kms
Day 4 - Gilsland to Twice Brewed - 9 miles / 14 kms
Day 5 - Twice Brewed to Chollerford - 12 miles / 20 kms
Day 6 - Chollerford to Heddon-on-the-Wall - 15 miles / 25 kms
Day 7 - Heddon-on-the-Wall to Wallsend - 15 miles / 24 kms

The Hadrian's Wall Path has many public transport services available to you. The AD122 Hadrian's Wall Country Bus is ideal for people wishing to walk part or all of the Hadrian's Wall Path, see the Hadrian's Wall Country website.

At Carlisle in the west and Newcastle upon Tyne in the east there are train stations with services to other major cities of Britain including London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Carlisle and Newcastle upon Tyne are joined by a train line that runs parallel to Hadrian's Wall.

There are few accommodation options in Bowness-on-Solway so you will probably stay in Carlisle for two or more nights. There is a bus service that connects Carlisle with Bowness-on-Solway or you can take a taxi.


Single Sheet Map

The whole trail on one convenient water resistant sheet at a scale of 1:40,000

Map Booklet

Book of maps which shows the route on Ordnance Survey Explorer map tiles (1:25,000)

Cicerone Guidebook

Advice on hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, attractions, local history and much more

GPS File: Hadrian's Wall Path

Download GPS points of the whole trail from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend

Hotels & Inns

We have listed some of the better hotels and inns with links to TripAdvisor where you can read customer reviews and check prices and availability. If you like an early start, when booking accommodation check the time breakfast is served in the morning. All should be able to provide packed lunches. For those finishing late, check when evening meals end.