Planning Timeline

  • 6 Months +
    Expedition Kickoff
    1. Design your trip schedule
    2. Book local support services - discounts are offered by some service companies for early bookings
    3. Arrange a flight early for the best deals
    4. Buy travel insurance
    5. Prepare a personal training plan
  • 1-6 Months
    Gear, Training
    1. Purchase, test and review gear
    2. Execute your personal training plan
    3. Learn some basic Spanish
  • 1 Month
    Visa, Hire Gear, Meal Plan
    1. Apply for an Argentinean Entry Visa (if you require one)
    2. Reserve a VHF radio (if you would like to take one) and white gas (if you are not using butane gas cannisters) from a Mendoza supplier
    3. Plan the meals each day that are not supplied by your support company
  • 7 Days
    Money, Food, Gear
    1. Order US Dollars or Euros - you need to take cash to purchase local services and your climbing permit
    2. Buy dehydrated food as per your daily meal plan
    3. Buy spare batteries, water purification tablets, sun cream, etc
  • 1 Day +
    Pack Gear
    1. Pack gear to be moved by mules into 2 North Face style kits bags. If you are following the Horcones Valley route, one kit bag should contain the gear for Confluencia and the other should contain the gear you need for the high mountain (this will be transported directly to Plaza De Mulas base camp).
    2. Pack personal items that you do not need on the mountain into a lockable bag for storage by your service company. Carry this as hand luggage onto your flight.