Gear List


Ensure you have packed all the gear you need with our equipment checklist. Always buy the best gear you can afford. Don’t fall in love with an item of equipment – if there is a better or lighter version available then replace it. For each item of gear, consider if it breaks will the expedition fail, for example a cooking stove? If yes, take a backup. If no, do you really need it? Can another item do the same job? Think weight, weight, weight - is there a lighter option?

Trek To/From Base Camp

3 Days Walk In, 1-2 Days Walk Out
  1. Goretex jacket
  2. Belay jacket
  3. Trekking trousers x 1
  4. Baselayer x 2
  5. Underwear x 3
  6. Trekking socks x 4
  7. Thin gloves
  8. Sun hat
  9. Buff/scarf
  10. Walking shoes/boots
  11. Day rucksack
  12. Wash kit


Gear Required Throughout Your Trip
  1. Tent, paracord extensions, extra guylines, spare pole, no pegs
  2. Sleeping bag and mat
  3. Multi-tool
  4. Cooking pot, insulated cup, spork x 2
  5. Cooking stove x 2, fuel bottles x 2, fire starters - flint stick x 2
  6. Water bottle 1 litre x 2
  7. Pee bottle 1.5-2.0 litre
  8. Sunglasses x 2 category 4 (one as a backup)
  9. First aid kit: blister plasters, aspirin, etc
  10. Sun cream, small bottle factor 50+
  11. Head torch x 2, spare batteries
  12. Watch with altimeter
  13. Food
  14. Walking poles - adjustable
  15. Sandals (river crossing and relaxing in camp)
  16. Very large expedition kit bag, two kit bags if you are walking the Horcones Valley route
  17. Lockable bag for storing personal items with your service company while you are on the mountain
  18. Water purification tablets (16 days x 3 litres a day): 48 tablets
  19. Padlocks for bags x 3 - preferably combination locks
  20. Travel clothes for return flight and days in Mendoza

Base Camp & Above

10-14 Days
  1. Down jacket
  2. Goretex jacket
  3. Mountain trousers x 1
  4. Baselayer x 2
  5. Underwear x 2
  6. Mountain socks x 2
  7. Thermal underwear, top and bottom
  8. Thin gloves
  9. Down mitts
  10. Wool hat
  11. Mountain boots
  12. Crampons in protection bag
  13. Ice axe with point protection
  14. Expedition rucksack
  15. Stash bag for storing gear on the mountain
  16. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  17. Toilet paper, wipes, poop bags (to be placed inside the orange bag)

Optional Gear

Also Consider
  1. Down socks
  2. Thick gloves
  3. MSR Dromedary Bag 4 litre
  4. Bladder 2 litre (for trek in and out)
  5. Food/drink insulated flask
  6. Battery pack for charging devices
  7. GoPro Camera and accessories
  8. Luggage scales
  9. Note paper and pen
  10. Electricity travel adaptor
Not Required
  1. Gaiters
  2. Goggles
  3. Balaclava
  4. Goretex trousers
  5. Helmet

Readers' Comments

  • Tue 23 Jan 2018, 20:53
    Jim O'Brien

    The only time I used my ice-axe was to break the ice on a small pond to fetch some water, I wouldn't take one again if I went back. Organised groups often take helmets but again, for me it's difficult to justify the extra weight and space in your rucksack. Crampons are questionable but I would probably take those again.